Thursday, September 8, 2011

Popular Music Club - meeting on Thursday Sept 1st, 2011

Meeting called to order by Ellen Daniels.
With a new semester, and a charter through MSU (Dr. K Prouty – Faculty Sponsor) elections for group officers held:
                Ellen Daniels elected President
                David Daniels elected Vice President
                Alex Krausman elected Secretary
                Michael Armendariz elected Treasurer
Meetings will be held every other Thursday evening. Meeting locations will be determined at prior meeting or via discussion postings, group collaboration.

Discussed Goals:
                Bring in Live (Local, Michigan Based, or Larger Scale act)
                                Potential Venue- Scene Metrospace, Landshark (Co-Op Night), Back Yard/ Co-Op/ House
                                “Popular Music Party” to invite new members, local community people to explore PMC
                Publication: Small Pamphlet, Blog, Article.
                                Album/CD Reviews; Short Articles on Trends/ Groups; Calendar; etc.
                                (Less Pompous than “Pitchfork”)
                Movie Night- On Campus, other larger venue
                                Music related or Documentary
                                Classic/ Horror/ Musical with live band accompanying  film, live actors retelling script?
Web Announcement/ Printed Flyers
Possibility: Spinal Tap with pre-show lecture by Dr. Prouty
                Motown Music Event- Hannah Dexter
                                A) Masterclass/ Presentation by Motown Performer with Q&A Session
                                B) Trip to Motown Museum, Attend Live Performance
                                C) Lecture of Motown Music History
 Potential for RHA or ASMSU Support and Funding. Hannah and Michael will work with RHA/ASMSU, Dr. Prouty, and PMC Officers as the development of the “Motown Music Event” Progresses
                Coverage in “Impact Radio” or other Media Form
Potential “Theme” for each meeting. Themes can include genres, styles, topics, or other possible ideas to be determined by group members               

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