Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jucifer and's The Plague Years make's the's brutals at Macs Saturday Aug 20

Although I mentioned the concert during PMC, I thought I'd recap to give the blog post a try. Also I've got a pic of this wall of sound that would encourage even lucifer himself to wear earplugs:

The local sludge/thrash metal band The Plague Years opened with very riffy hand-banging set. I think they describe themselves best when they were quoted saying they were "the bastard child of Black Sabbath and Motorhead". Definitely recommend checking them out next time they play around Lansing if you dig doom metal.

Next came on the headliner Jucifer (pictured above), who nearly packed the house (although it was already pretty full of amps). The husband and wife duo have a pretty large following and put on a fairly entertaining show. However, being a sucker for the relentless running double bass drum of most metal drummers, the lack of rhythm did damper my experience. Occasionally, a shimmer of muddy riffage would begin to break out and then the band would return to a nebulous swirl of demonic screams and earth rumbling feedback which eventually lost its appeal--I left before their set finished. I would still recommend seeing them as they usually play small venues and how many times do you get to really see satan up close? NOTE****make sure to bring ear plugs: I wore custom fitting ones and my ears still rung after the show.. those amps aren't props.. they all work.

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